Welcome to “Tandem in Armidale” a fresh attempt at talking about our experiences riding a tandem.

There are two members of our Tandem team, obviously:

Dave –

Andrew – Andrew (admau) is the stoker of the team, because letting a blind person captain isn’t the best idea. He’s 37 and works as a Solutions Analyst in the Information Technology Directorate at the University of New England. Andrew started riding tandems in around 2005 in Armidale, and on moving to Wollongong met Tim and later became a founding member of Exsight Tandems. Moving back to Armidale in 2012, Andrew met Dave via the Armidale Cycling Club. You can find him on Twitter @adm_76.

In this blog we’ll tell you how we got started on the tandem, what we’re riding, and how we’re progressing as a team. And we’re interested in hearing from other tandem riders too, so feel free to comment.


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